Facts about Lyme


  • Fewer than 50% of patient with lyme disease will recall a tick bites. Fewer than 50% will get the traditional bull's eye

  • 25% of all the reported case are in children

  • The average lyme patient takes 2 to 3 years to get properly diagnosed

  • Lyme disease can cause over 300 different symptoms

  • There are nearly 325,000 new cases each year in the US alone


I am a spoonie

The Spoon Theory is a allegory written by Christine Miserandino that illustrates what it feels like to live with a chronic illness. When a chronically ill person wakes up in the morning, they have a set number of units of energy (spoons) and they spend those spoons as they go through the day (1 spoon to go to the bathroom, 1 to make breakfast). Some days, chronically ill people wake up and have 3 spoons (enough to go to the bathroom, eat breakfast, and go back to bed) and some days, chronically ill people wake up and have 4,000 spoons.  Some days, you think you have 50 spoons, but run out before lunch, and have to go lay back down. People who manage invisible illnesses sometimes call themselves #spoonies. 

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