In an effort to make this project as accessible as possible, every story will be transcribed and posted here. If you need to read the stories, rather than hear them, please feel free to partake in this project through section.


Story #1: And so it begins (background) - In 2003, Liz was a sophomore in college when something went very, very wrong.

Story #2: Friends Forever - Liz and Amy are BFFs…. until they aren’t.

Story #3: Sorority Rush - Liz really, really, wants to get into her dream sorority.

Story #4: Erik - Liz and Erik fall in love, will her illness destroy their relationship?

Story #5: Carla - Sometimes help comes from unexpected people in unexpected, but beautiful, ways.

Story #6:


Hi, welcome to the invisible Stories project where we aim to see and be seen. My name is Liz Allen and

One of my favorite quotes is: “Be kind, for everyone you know is fighting a battle.” This collection of stories is about exactly that: our invisible battles.
The project aims to collect 30 stories as a fundraiser for research for the Global Lyme Alliance. The first story in this series is about my personal 15 yr battle with Lyme disease (and you’ll hear plenty more from me). But it will also include stories from other folks on a wide range of topics from addiction, mental illness, and grief.

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I hope you join me on this journey and until next time - Stay kind, my friends!